Analytical series in the history of the Hussaini renaissance

Shaikh Fawzi Alsaif

Analytical series in the history of the Hussaini renaissance:

 It talks about the starting points, facades, and reality of the Hussaini renaissance in two parts before and after the day of Ashura, including in the journey of captives from Karbala to Karbala, then Medina ..

Lectures by Sheikh Fawzi Al Saif / Muharram 1442 AH

1 -The revival of the Husseini season gives meaning to life.

2 - a vision in affliction and calamity

3 - This is how the Husseinian case was absent:  discrediting the sources

4- Suspicious Ideas and the Absence of the Husseinian Renaissance

5 -absenteeism  of the Husseinieh issue by changing the meaning of Ashura day . 

6- The starting points of the Hussaini renaissance :incomplete explanations

7 -The starting points of the Husseinian Renaissance: From the words of Al-Hussein

8 -The Hussaini and Mahdi Revivals are an extension and continuation

9- from the results of the Husseinian renaissance in the Ummah ..

10- so that the blood of Hussein (the murderer) is not lost

11- a reflection and  contemplation on Alhussain sermon on the day of Ashura, c / 1

12 - A reflection and contemplation  on Al-Hussein sermon on the day of Ashura, C / 2

13 -Al-Rakb Al-Hussaini travel from Karbala to Karbala.

14 -The convoy of slaves in Kufa, after Karbala

 15 -How did they address the Kufi society? Sermon of lady Zainab, peace be upon her

 16 -On the sermon of Fatima and her brother Ali bin Al Hussein in Kufa

 17 -Scenes on the road from Kufa to the Sham

18 -Hostages Entering Damascus and the sermon of Aqeelah Zainab

 19 - hostages in the council of Yazid and the sermon of imam Al Sajad . 

20 -Yazid between the delusion of victory and getting away with his crime

21 - The way back from Damascus to Karbala

22 - Where was the head of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him buried? .

23 - The end of the trip at the city of the Prophet

24-Echoes of the Husseinian Revival in the Al-Hurra incident, 

25-the social and family life of Imam Al-Sajjad, peace be upon him 

26 -Ibn al-Zubayr and the crisis of the Caliphs school theory 

27-The Tawabeen movement “is the spirit of life” in Kufa 

28- The Movement of Al-Mukhtar Al-Thaqafi: From the Beginning to His Murder 

29- Al-Mukhtar Al-Thaqafi: Evaluating the Leader and the Movement You can find it on the YouTube channel:

And on the website (voice and writing)