Shiite Religious Speakers in Ashura

Shaikh Fawzi Alsaif Editor

In the beginning of Muharram of every year, Shiites around the world celebrate the martyrdom of Imam Husain (the grandson of Prophet Mohammad who was killed beside members of his family and companions in the tenth of Muharram). In Ashura season, Shiite religious speakers of Qatif and Alahssa in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia prepare many programs, and deliver various lectures to educate the society in different fields.
 In the first public speech of Sheikh Hasan Alsaffar of this season, he called to the promotion of love between members of families and society in order to avoid the state of hatred and estrangement which are the main causes that lead to moral deviation and violence. He emphasized the significance of support, sense of security and cooperation between family members referring to the relationship of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) with his grandsons; Hasan and Husain.
 Sheikh Alsaffar, in another lecture, said that development and transformation is the responsibility of all members in the society; and not limited to certain groups or individuals. He cleared that developed societies confront challenges through spending most of their time in finding solutions to their problems. He added that transformation needs hard work, sacrifice and cooperation between all society members.
 Sayyed Muneer Alkhabbaz dedicated his program of this season to speak about Imam Mohammad AlMahdi; the twelfth Imam of Twelver Shiites. In one of his lectures, he discussed the reality of Prophet Mohammad and his compassion, features of compassion in Imam AlMahdi personality and how he will establish the state of mercy and compassion; not violence.
 On the other hand, Sheikh Faisal Alawami, another well-known Saudi Shiite speaker, stressed the necessity of commitment to knowledge and explicit facts, and avoiding personal interests. He added that most of the times people realize the truth, but their desires prevent them from commitment to such facts and make them seek their personal interests which provide them impermanent benefit. He called the true believers to consider the companions of Imam Husain as ideal examples for their commitment to the right and refusing the temptations.
 In one of Ashura lectures by Sheikh Fawzy Alsaif who is one of the Shiites' prominent public speakers, he referred to the significant role of media and information; whether in past or in the contemporary time,  in introducing issues, spreading facts or distorting the truth. He indicated the approaches on which Imam Husain depended for introducing his movement; those approaches were affecting speeches, utilization of appearance and position, and utilization of time and place.