Sheikh Fawzy Mohammad AlSaif

Shaikh Fawzi Alsaif Editor

Sheikh Fawzy AlSaif (b. 1960) is a well-known religious leader who was born in Tarout, Saudi Arabia. In 1971, he moved to Najaf, Iraq, to study religion in its schools, then, moved to Iran to continue his religious studies in the eighties. He was granted many credits and licenses from some religious authorities that entitle him of dealing with religious affairs.

Since his return to Saudi Arabia in 1997, he devoted his time to teaching different Islamic sciences, and has been the principal of the religious school in Qatif. Sheikh AlSaif gives regular public speeches and leads Friday congregational prayers. He, also, participates in many national and international conferences.

            AlSaif, also, has written number of works; some of which are “Pages on the Political History of Shiites”, “Visions on Tyranny and Freedom Issues”, “Shiites of Qatif and Alahssa; the Distinction of the Past and the Future Expectations”, “Religious Management System at Shiite Twelvers” and “Issues on the Husain Renaissance.